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Coco   La-Digue

Snorkeling at coco in the morning, then disembark on La Digue for the rest of the afternoon, feel free to rent a bicycle and ride around. Eat at a restaurant of your choice, and take time to relax on some of la Digue’s famous beaches.


Departure time:  10.00 am                                                  Available:   (on request)

Return:                  4.30 pm                                                   Price:         € 60  ,  $ 70


 Praslin tour

A chance to discover Praslin Island from it’s exterior. Capture the amazing landscapes and beaches as the sun sets slowly over the horizon. Slow cruising with several stops for swimming at Anse Lazio and Anse Gorgette. Snacks and drinks provided


Departure time:  4.00 pm                                                    Available:   (on request)

Return:                6.45 pm                                                    Price:           € 60  ,  $ 70


Sunday   Gala

Creole BBQ on Curieuse Island, Move at your own pace, Sunbathing, Swimming, nature trail possible. Live entertainment, also traditional moutia music by local artist. Dance your afternoon barefoot on the sandy beach. An entertaining atmosphere you cannot miss.


Departure time:  10.00 am                                                  Available:   Sundays

Return:                  3.00 pm                                                  Price:           € 60  ,  $ 70


Boat Charters

Boat + crew  for a trip of your choice.


Half day (5 hrs)               € 300  ,  $ 375

Full day  (8 hrs)               € 600  ,  $ 700


BBQ + Drinks                  € 50  ,    $ 60


Note: There are landing taxes to land on certain islands, which are exclusive of the above prices for charters. These taxes are listed below


Island tax list:

Price is given in € (Euros) per person, not applicable for a child under 12 yrs.


Cousin € 25,          Sister € 20,          Curieuse + St Pierre € 10,          Coco € 10









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Boat Charter program -2-

Fishing activities  0


All fishing activities are on request and only possible if weather forecast is favorable, max passengers for each trip is 4 .


Traditional bottom fishing

Learn and appreciate the traditional method of bottom fishing, using a line and hook,

A short distance off the coast, fish for 3 hrs, Drinks and snacks provided.


Price:  € 150  ,  $ 180


3 hrs trawling

3 Hrs trawling around neighboring rocks and selected areas. Drinks and snacks provided.


Price:  € 200  ,  $ 275


Half day trawling

Depart at dawn to a common fishing ground and trawl until lunch time, (5 hrs).


Price:  € 350  ,  $ 410


Full day fishing

Depart at dawn to a selection of trawling grounds, trawling all morning. The afternoon is spent doing some bottom fishing and some more trawling. A packed lunch and drinks is available for each fisherman.


Price:  € 600  ,  $ 710


Taste your catch

This is fun but a daring game. Start off with 4 hrs of trawling in the morning fighting for your lunch. Then stop on the nearest island to grill the fish. Drinks and snacks provided.

Island landing tax also included in the price. Cool off the afternoon with a swim.


Price:  € 450  ,  $ 570





Angel Tours

Boat Charter program -3-

Cousin Curieuse st Pierre

Snorkeling in the morning at St Pierre followed by a nature trail walk on Curieuse. Your 30 minutes walk will lead you to Curieuse’s Beach front, joining your boat crew for a mouth-watering Creole BBQ. The afternoon is spent on Cousin Island for a 2 hours, Shady Guided tour amongst a wide variety of sea birds nesting all over the island, ideal for Photography.

Departure time:    9.00 am                           Available:         Tuesdays to Fridays 

Return:                  4.30 pm                           Price:                € 95  ,  $ 110      


Coco  Sister

2 – Island visit for those who enjoy plenty of snorkeling and sunbathing. Start off from the boat ladder and snorkel your way to sister’s beach front. A nice beach for Sun-bathing is located on the rear side. Fish feeding from the beach is possible, many had the chance of seeing dolphins, sea turtles, barracudas and many more while snorkeling. A Creole BBQ at noon, followed by more snorkeling in the after-noon at Coco Island.

Departure time:    9.30 am                           Available:         Weekdays only

Return:                  4.30 pm                           Price:                € 100  ,  $ 115


Cousin only

Visit this World Heritage, Home for millions of sea birds nesting annually. Giant Land tortoise, geckos, millipedes and the endemic magpie-robin can be seen. Ideal for photographers and children. 2 hours Shady guided tour.

Departure time:  9.30 am   or   1.30 pm         Available:     Tuesdays to Fridays

Return:              12.30 pm         4.30 pm          Price:           € 55  ,  $ 65


Curieuse  St Pierre

Snorkeling for 1 hour followed by a nature trail on curieuse, spent some time with the giant land tortoise then start a nature trail walk over the hills of this island. Join your boat crew at the beach front for a Creole BBQ; there is also a historical museum on this island. Swimming and sunbathing is excellent.

Departure time:   9.00am                   Available daily (confirm at your reception desk)

Return:                 3.00 pm                              Price:           € 70  ,  $ 80


All prices include an ISLAND LANDING TAX, and non-alcoholic beverages.

In order to avoid disappointment confirm your reservations 24 hrs in advance.


For reservation contact Mr. Christian Lablache on 515327 / 233805 or your reception.


Looking forward to seeing you.